How to Fix a Google Adwords Ads Suspended Account?


It takes us a minimum Seventy-two hours to get back your Suspended Google Account, get ready to access your Ad word Account again.


    1. How to recover your Google AdWords Account Suspension

    1. How to Fix a Suspended Google account

    1. Identify the Problem

    1. Make Corrections

    1. Rework with Google

    1. Not an Average Paid Search Agency

    1. Another Reason for AdWord Account Suspension

    1. There are several factors for Google AdWord Account suspension

    1. Some recent case studies where Taqnia Solutions was able to reactivate Google Account successfully

    1. Why Taqnia Solutions Advertising?

Google AdWords Account Suspensions

You might inadvertently click a tab and realize later that you just deactivated your Google Adwords Account. Though it was an easy blunder, it can immobilize any entity. Make sure there have been past instances, whereby executives violated Google Ad words Policies, leading to the suspensions of their Ad word accounts.

Google not only suspends the violating Google Adwords account but also deprive the advertiser and their website which may act as a drawback for generating future contents related to ads or campaigns.

Furthermore, it may be a cumbersome task to persuade Google to restore your Google Ad word Account.

But don’t you worry. We as a team are endowed with the expertise, knowledge and the network required reinstating your Google Ad word Account. Get all the access and get set to promote your product again. For more information on AdWord accounts, read the Google Adword Policies regarding account suspension.

How We Fix Suspensions

We have a specific three-pronged approach to get back your Google AdWord Account.

Identify the Problem

Taqnia Solutions InfoTech has a large Pay-Per-Click client base from a variety of domains. We have a committed Google Support Team for them as they bring a large sum to Google. They help us to analyze the real cause of account suspension in a forthright manner. Our team possesses the desired skills to get the work done as quickly and as straightforward as possible.

Make Corrections

We make amendments to Keywords, Ads, Web content or any other inaccuracy that made Google suspend your Ad Word Account and get in compliance with the Google Policy.

Rework with Google

Finally, Google will review your Google Ad Word Account once we submit the account with the relevant changes. Your Google Ad Word account will only be activated once Google is satisfied with the changes. We will make sure that Google’s Policies adhere and you avoid any Non-compliance issues in the future.

Not Just Your Average Paid Search Agency

How we are improving ourselves in getting your Google Adwords Accounts, there may be some instances where it may be arduous to restore your account, like your business model not adhering to Google’s Policies. Either your business or you have jeopardized Google lawsuit. Any pending transactions where you need to pay Google.

If you belong to any of these categories, get in touch with us now and get back your Google Ad Word Account. Probable reasons for Google Account Suspension.

Another Reason for AdWord Account Suspension.

Above we discuss the full picture, why your AdWord account is being suspended. Once you find the reason, then you move to the second step.

As per the rule, do not submit your ad for the review until you fix all the adverse. Hire a professional if you are not able to find the exact reason.

There are several factors for Google AdWord Account suspension:


    • Your website is not following Google Adword Policies.

    • Your website has multiple adverse ads, site, or apps

    • Your strategy related to traffic generation is not good; user having a bad experience due to the poor content.

    • Providing incorrect information to the users related to business/services or website.

    • You are doing cloaking

    • For the same business using multiple accounts.

    • For multiple AdWord accounts use the same billing.

    • Your account related to “Already Suspended Account”.

    • Having Symbol Issues

    • Selling products and services outside the purview of the law.

    • Repeated Google policy violation, one of the main concern

    • Display and Destination URL in Ads are different

    • Unapproved access

    • Sharing Google AdWord account with others

    • The website does not have Privacy policies or terms and services.

These are the main reasons for Google account suspension, but Apart from these reasons, mistakenly your account has been suspended by the Google AdWord Team. For more information have a look at AdWords policies regarding the suspended account

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