How PPC Advertising Increase Your Ad Reach ?



As a Digital Marketer, our goal is to rank our website on Google Organically. But, it takes time and lots of efforts and knowledge in-depth about how the website will rank.

  1. What is PPC?
  2. How Does PPC Work?
  3. Google PPC Ads
  4. Search Ads
  5. Local Search Ads

If you don’t have that much knowledge, about how a website ranked on Google or how to bring new visitors on the website from a particular location, or season then you must go with Google ads or pay per click, there is also a google partner adword agency but the Question is how PPC works?

  • What is PPC?

Before discussing in brief about PPC, we discuss how it fits in overall successful digital marketing strategy. PPC Stands for Pay per Click; this is a form of advertising in which you set a budget for your ads on a given platform, such as Google or Facebook, and then you get to pay for a click. If you see there is also a similar kind of advertising such as pay-per-impression or pay-per-view; this thing going to be work when you look for impression, view or clicks. Pay-Per-Click plays an important role in an online marketing campaign and you can also directly address your competitors, or you can break your audience geographically. But, PPC advertising is too expensive, time-consuming and temporary, and it helps you to show your marketing presence. But, for PPC you need a strong strategy which also includes strong analytics, (Search Engine Optimization), and also social media presence

  • How Does PPC Work?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a broad category, which allows you to use a variety of medium and platform, Mostly PPC ad campaigns are running into two categories: Google and Social Media Advertising

  • Google PPC Ads

There is no limit to pay Google it depends on the list ads of your site which is at the top and right of the organic search listing. Whatever the budget you set for you ads when someone clicks on your budget you need to pay a cost per click (CPC) from your budget. Once your budget is detected, Google stops running your ads until you restore your funds. There is a number of Google ads, including Search Ads, Display Ads, and Remarketing.

  • Search Ads

Google search ads are the most commonly recognized form of pay-per-click advertisement. Search ads are displayed above from Google search result is a response to what a user searches. SO, if anyone searches your services which you are going to be an offer, your ad can be the first thing they see: but, by the PPC model, you need to pay when anyone clicks on the ad.

  • Local Search Ads

Local Search Ads are not similar to PPC advertisement: rather they are a particular subset of search ads. The main aim of Local search ads is to target those people who search for business or services near on Google or Google maps. The best part with this, your campaign will live nationally. If you want to live your ad on a local or specific area, so it is the best way to target your location wise area on Google ads.

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