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Adwords Keyword planner is an alternative to Search Engine Optimization and a useful Ad word research tool which combines both Google keyword tool, Ad word traffic estimators and helps users in managing campaigns and ad groups.

  • Getting Ad group ideas
  • Type of views and your keyword plan
  • Estimates and reviewing your keyword plan
  • Competition Constraint
  • A natural flow of your keywords
  • Effective Volume
  • Conversion rate
  • Grouped Ideas
  • Monthly search statistics
  • Make changes in Existing Campaign
  • Competition monitoring
  • Budget Suggestions
  • Getting Ad group ideas – Google suggests your account with a primary keyword. It provides users with a comprehensive repository for choosing the right keywords for your account. Further, Keyword planner helps you in building new ideas based on your landing page, estimate performance and keyword statistics. Keyword planner ensures you can filter useful keywords based on average CPC, monthly search numbers while getting rid of those keywords are not useful. Keyword planner will provide you with the precise match search traffic.
  • Type of views and your keyword plan – The mechanism is such that the view of your keywords are in the form of list or group, equivalent to the concept of keyword niche and similarly you have an option to add individual keywords which are stored in a makeshift area for grouping. The duration of your session is also sustained by Keyword planner as the number of keywords you have saved while looking for improvement.
  • Estimates and reviewing your keyword plan – This is the next step of your keyword plan process, managing the repository of the keywords and setting up a keyword bid. Always provide your action plan to Google and update regularly to modify your estimates as the CPC bid estimates and keyword volume may vary accordingly in tune with your budget estimates.
  • Competition Constraint – As not many firms go for a long-tailed keyword, therefore employing it accurately results in considerable profits.
  • A natural flow of your keywords – It is always better to work on a blog post as using a set of short keywords multiple numbers of times may lead Google to consider you a spammer, Short keywords are often spam keywords. Therefore, Long-Tailed Keywords maintains the natural flow.
  • Effective Volume – Longtail Keywords are bound to give you a comprehensive search volume, e.g. if you want to buy a shoe worth Rs 2000-3000, hence it will make the keyword longer as well as the search volume.
  • Conversion rate – a customer using an e-commerce site with an above keyword will buy the required product on the long-tailed keyword search as they have already spent some time researching for the product.

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